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Job For WATSAN Technician at the Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA), 7th November, 2018

The Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA) is an international medical organization, founded in 2009. ALIMA’s aim is to provide a high standard of healthcare in situations of emergency or medical disaster and to improve the practice of humanitarian medicine by developing innovative projects associated with medical research. The specific feature of the association is to base its operating methods mainly on partnership with national medical players. By pooling and capitalizing on their skills, ALIMA and its partners give as many people as possible access to a high standard of treatment.
We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: 
WATSAN Technician
 Monguno, Borno
Working conditions: Contract

Main Purpose
  • To contribute ALIMA monguno curative intervention to prevent the patient from being infected other patient’s disease while in ALIMA health facilities as well as health workers, a relative of patients, visitors through water treatment, chlorination’s.
  • Ensure that water is properly treated as per standards requirement of chlorination’s at the source of water, and different water pitching in all ALIMA health facility as well in residential premises.
Major Responsibilities
  • Ensure that there is always water available and inform the line manager when there is a shortage.
  • Be very careful with the quantities of water spent or lost during pumping, transportation or storing.
  • Pumping & availability of water
  • Pump water using standard protocols on daily basis.
  • Taking care of water storage like water tank needed using drums, pipes, motor pumps, etc.
  • Ensure that all drums and tanks are filled daily and according to needs.
  • Chlorinate water according to protocols in different location & point in ALIMA Premises.
  • Clean all drums, tanks, and material related to water according to protocols.
  • Ensure cleanliness of bladders, tanks, pipes, filters and other material related to water.
  • Ensure that all drums and tanks with or without water are well covered and in a secure place.
  • Ensure perfect cleanliness of all areas close to water pumps, tanks, drums, etc.
  • Check daily motor pumps (Dosatron) and use them according to protocols, i.e. services, correct procedure for starting and switching off, etc.
  • Changing the filter on time and requesting supply to the supply department on time to avoid a shortage of filters.
  • Check daily connections, keys, valves, pipes, filters in order to fix possible problems.
  • Look after all equipment provided.
  • Participate in any kind of repair of equipment and material related to water, i.e. water pumps.
  • Ensure that there is always enough fuel available and asked on time for the working of all pumps.
  • Ensure that the line manager is informed of any problems that might be linked to water pumping, sanitation, maintenance etc.
  • Make suggestions regarding any repair or maintenance work needed related to water, i.e. pumping, transporting, storage, etc.
  • Diploma in Water Sanitation, Environmental, Public Health, Hygiene or related field.
  • At least 1-year Experience with INGO in water and sanitation.
  • Local language essential along with Mission Language (i.e. English).
  • Computer literacy (word, excel)
  • Flexibility.
  • Commitment.
  • Stress Management.
  • Ability to do basic repairs of Dosatron machine, plumbing etc.
  • Competencies
  • Results oriented
  • Teamwork. 

How To Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should submit their CV, qualifications and a Cover Letter with contact details to: [email protected]
Applications can be submitted in person to: ALIMA’ Office in Monguno, Borno State.
Important remarks
  • Please make sure to submit your application on or before the above mentioned closing date.
  • Only successful applicants will be called for interview.
  • No monetary transactions, neither demands of favours in kind, nor other types of favouritism will be tolerated in the recruitment process.

Application Deadline 16th November, 2018.

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